Re: looking to assemble a team.

From: Dust (
Date: 08/27/01

Let me begin to say what's wrong here.

1) This is obviously an ad; therefore [AD] should appear in the title.
2) Have you ever thought that by using copyrighted work, you might be
violating some company? Currently, Wizards of the Coast has stated
that No "interactive games" may be created using their/with system in
mind. They elaborate by saying No MUDs, MUSHS, MOOS, etc, etc.

OK, now how to alleviate your problems:
1) Read the List FAQ, respect the people here and don't make a fool of
yourself by proving you haven't read the rules.
2) Be *original*. Call it a medieval fantasy MUD, don't make it
exactly D&D, you can't legally, and you can't realistically because a
computer game is a poor simulation of an actual pen and paper role
playing game. Use ideas similar to D&D, in fact, CircleMUD already
does use many such ideas from the 2nd Edition (derived from previous

Now, a good place to look for people for your MUD would be MUD
connector, by its nature, this is more of a Coder's forum for
discussion of ideas, pleas for help in coding, occasional building
advice, administration ideas, so forth. I would assume many of the
people here have their own MUDs, in fact maybe two or three of them.
Oh, one last thing before I'm done being an ass for tonight (yes, I'm
pissed at other things), do this: spell check. immeadiate = immediate.

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