Re: License issues, MySQL

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 08/29/01

> I have some questions about the CircleMUD license.  First of all, I am in
> the planning and testing stages of implementing a MySQL database instead of
> the regular ASCII/binary system.
> Is there anything in any of the affected licenses that says that I cannot
> use the MySQL C API to connect with a MySQL database from my CircleMUD
> server?  What does the licenses say about releasing this whole deal as a
> snippet to the CircleMUD FTP?  Can I do such a thing once that I am
> finished with the code?
        CircleMUD/DikuMUD licenses have nothing to say about intergration
of other licenses (so long as their license still has effect, of course,
you cannot supercede it).  However, GPL is quite clear on that point; you
can use it, but you cannot then release it.

        The question is then, not whether you can intergrate a GPLed
project like mySQL, but if you can release any part of it.

        First, you cannot release the combined codebase.

        Second, it's iffy at best to strip this down to a patch, for it
contains pieces of non-original code (used as reference, but still...).  A
step-by-step snippet-type explanation might suffice, but it sounds like
it's going to be alot less simple than can easily be explained.

        Now, if you can find an LGPL'ed mySQL API library you're all set;
otherwise, it'll be a two step thing.

        1) make and distribute required modifications required to be made
to the mud (patch, etc) - without any GPL'ed code included or called.

        2) make and distsribute seperately, instructions for integration
with the mud and (if required) modificatications made to the mySQL
package, along with the required mySQL package.


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