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From: Artovil (
Date: 08/29/01

At 13:36 2001-08-29 -0500, you wrote:
>On Wed, 29 Aug 2001, Artovil wrote:
> > So, I am safe if I just distribute a patch file that only includes modified
> > CircleMUD code that calls the functions found in the MySQL C API?  Id est,
> > as long as I don't include any of the files from the MySQL API, right?  So,
> > I could just write a detailed description of how to add the proper inlcude
> > path to the Makefile as well as other options that might be necessary,
> right?
> >
> > Regards,
> > /Artovil
>If you wrote the function calls out yourself, then the code itself
>that you wrote uh wasn't copied.. for copyright to matter you actually
>have to be copying something or another.
>Using the name of a function defined by an API is probably
>not too much if any of a problem.
>You probably have no issues provided you're not making a binary
>distribution or including code written by someone else.

No binaries, no, no.  It would be a basic hand-patch type of deal, with
detailed instructions of how to alter the database functions in db.c and
OLC so they use MySQL instead of textfiles.  It would also give dumps of
MySQL tables so that people can just run them as queries to get up and
running quicker.

>If you put out a patch, you probably wind up with bits and pieces
>of circlemud in the patch.  That should be ok provided either
>(1) You don't also wind up with bits and pieces of GPL code, or
>(2) All the bits and pieces are written by you [as the author of
>modifications, you can license those modifications as you like unless
>circle made you sign an agreement preventing it which they didn't btw]

For instance, would this code be considered written by me, and without any
trace of GPL code?  All it has is the API function calls.

void init_mysql(void)
   log("Boot db -- Initiating MySQL connection.");
   if (!mysql_connect(&mysql,MYSQL_HOST,MYSQL_USERID,MYSQL_PASSWD))
     log(buf, "SYSERR: Failed to connect to MySQL: %s", mysql_error(&mysql));
   } else {
     log("Boot db -- MySQL connection established.");

That's a function I wrote so I could call it from comm.c's init_game().

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Hooo-ha! I'd clicked accept just for the hell of it.


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