Re: License issues

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 08/29/01

> One thing just clicked, in a previous message there was a mention that if
> you modified the source code, you cannot redistribute.

        No one ever claimed that.

        Diku/Circle has no problems with free modification or
redistribution of the original or modified versions or other pieces of
code, so long as no one anywhere on the line makes money from it.

        On the other hand, GPL requires that any modifications/etc of a
GPL'ed package be released with source code for no extra charge, and that
the resultant package also be covered under the GPL in it's entirety.
Also, that there are no other restrictions on modification, use or
distribution of the original or modifications.

        So, since Diku/Circle restrict the distribution (can't make money)
it is not compatible with the GPL.  So, you can't use GPL code with circle
and then distribute it - the whole package must be GPL if a single part of
it is.

        You can always use it for a non-distributed version though, which
is fine for a server.

> If this is true, how do all the Dike derivatives exist, e.g. circle, rom,
> smaug, envy, merc, etc.  Some were by the original authors, but many more
> were not.

        They wrote their parts from scratch, not from GPL code :)


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