Re: License for Help Files and startup screen

From: Ronald Fenner Jr (
Date: 08/30/01

on 8/30/01 2:57 PM, Mysidia at jmhess@I-55.COM wrote:

> Or suppose I were making a non-traditional game system where the
> interaction would not be the same as a mud (ie: all text shown
> is handled by the client which is GPL-licensed and only the
> server uses DikuMUD code -- I could potentially suppress the
> output in the client, the requirement would be useless)

my general feeling on something like that is to open the file up scroll to
the function of interest and examining it thorourghly while writing my own
using my own variable names, logic of my own and probably a few enchancments
as well. I try to avoid the nasty habit of copying and pasting unless of
course I wrote it.

Ron Fenner

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