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From: Alex (
Date: 08/30/01

skipping down to one particular part of this message...

> That says you can modify it.
only if you agree to the license of course.  (=

> Who gets to decide if a connection is a "player"?
> What if the "player" #gags it?
it doesn't matter.  the credits must be displayed before the "player" (or
connection) gets to the point where it enters the game proper.  it doesn't
matter whether it is '#gag'd or not, as long as it is displayed.

> No, suppose the client was written as a different project, probably
> by a different group of people.
client != server.

the server license declares that you must do what it says to do anything
with it.  a client displaying its own strings (or whatever) won't fall
under the server license unless it uses code from the server.

> It puts limits on what you can do,
so does the gpl.  it puts limits on what i can do and how i can release

> It doesn't allow you to run the program privately,
sure it does.  run it privately.  publically.  doesn't matter.

and with this note, i'm declaring this thread killed.  if you're
interested in discussing licensing issues for dikumud related things,
please take a few minutes to look at:

the archives are private, so you must belong to the list, but it is
specifically for discussing the feasibility of moving to a true open
source license.  i'd personally prefer something along the bsd lines,
but the gnu project has done a good job of brainwashing the masses. (=


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