Re: Curious question for act.comm.c

From: Del (
Date: 09/01/01

Artovil wrote:
> >In this function, where is buf1 and buf2 comming from? (are they not globals
> >here?) Or am I missing somthing to understand what you're refering to?
> buf1 and buf2 are coming from the prompt, the player types write paper pen,
> where paper = buf1, and pen = buf2, and to clarify that inside the function
> they are set papername = buf1, penname = buf2, and so forth.


Where are you getting buf1 and buf2 from? The 'argument' is passed to
ACMD(do_write) not buf1 and buf2, penname and papername are then set to buf1
and buf2. Directly after it, they are being RESET to the two_arguments.
Its kinda like doing this:
  mybuf = buf; /* lets make it equal to something? */
  one_argument(argument, mybuf); /*lets actually make it equal to what we want

  struct obj_data *paper, *pen = NULL;
  char *papername, *penname;

  papername = buf1;
  penname = buf2;

  two_arguments(argument, papername, penname);

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