Re: [ADMIN] Copyrighting MUDs

From: Ronald Fenner Jr (
Date: 09/02/01

on 9/2/01 4:19 PM, Dust at dustlos@HOTMAIL.COM wrote:

> Recently I got into a discussion (a padded word for argument) over
> copyrighting MUDs on a message board, I'd like to know what the list
> thinks of copyrighting MUDs (of course with CircleMUD being the base)
> and other legal matters pertaining to that.
however i would say anything based on circle if you wished to copyright
you'd have to have the permission of Jermey and the Diku group before you
could. Besides that copyrights are only really useful to protect ideas etc..
that you would be making money off of and as the Diku and Circle License
state you can not sell nor charge for playing on a mud based on them. I
suppose you can copyright something you give away for free to prevent
someone from turning around selling it but then with a well written license
they wouldnt be able to with out violating it.

Ron Ffenner

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