Re: shopkeeper bug

From: Ronald Fenner Jr (
Date: 09/04/01

on 9/4/01 12:20 AM, Kras Kresh at kras_kresh@HOTMAIL.COM wrote:

> i suggest in the ok_damage_shopkeeper function to stop the shopkeeper from
> fighting if it is fighting
> this also brings up something else just mentioned - controlling a shop
> keeper and gaining all the money it carries
> i suggest in ASPELL(spell_summon) to make a check for shop keeper
Actually the better way to do this would be to declare some flags for all
mobs such as NO_CHARM, NO_SUMMON then you can set these on any mobs you may
not want to see summoned or charmed. then all you have to do is set these
flags on the mobile and code in checks for the flags in the approiate spells
and anywhere else you may need it.

Ron Fenner

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