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From: George Greer (
Date: 09/04/01

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Anyway, so I'm somewhat CircleMUD-related: I fixed a lot of the problems I
skimmed over during the first round of my object stacking/packing/smacking
code so now it's actually useful (does rooms and containers) and doesn't go
into an infinite loop on point_update().  'object_list' and I had a long
talk about that one. Looking at a room now has the same "(XX*)" display as
looking into the inventory or a container. Splitting the code off into
'obj_to_list' and 'obj_from_list' made the changes much easier.

  > backpack (carried):
  (593*)a torch
  (2*)a lantern

It seems the API for giving multiple items is going to be:

  object->count = 32000;
  obj_to_char(object, ch);

because if I made an 'objs_to_char(ch, object, 32000);' that's all it would
do internally anyway.

Now I have to fix cycles over the content lists like 'put all', 'get all',
etc. etc. before moving on to the shop code which is the reason for all
these changes anyway.

George Greer

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