Re: Adding Wear Slots

From: halitus (
Date: 09/04/01

On Tuesday 04 September 2001 20:28, you wrote:
> Mike Stilson wrote:
> > On Tue, Sep 04, 2001 at 05:40:52AM +0000, halitus wrote:
> > >I tried to add some new wear slots to my mud,
> > >but now it is segfaulting before it starts. To
> > >start I added both face and eyes slots, and
> > >all worked well.  Then I went and added a left
> > >and right ear slot, and now the mud does this
> >
> > Did you add these slots after the existing ones?
> > ie:
> > #define (whatever the last stock slot is)
> > #define face (n+1)
> > #define eye (n+2)
> > etc?
> I don't remember if there is any instructions on the circlemud sites
> to explain adding wear positions. If you want to compare what you did
> to instructions I made a few years ago (bpl12), it should not have
> changed much since then.

Yes, there is a adding wear slots guide, and it worked quite nicely up
to this point.  I am fairly certain I pointed out that I had already
added 2 wear slots, both the face (single slot) and "eyes" (as a single
slot).  These were 19 and 20 in the equip positions, and (1 << 17) etc
in the bitvector.

This is what puzzles me.  The muds works fine as near as I can tell and
those two wears slots are perfectly funcional.  It is when I add the
left and right ear slots that it just crashes.  The only difference for
these is the fallthrough case in objsave.c to account for 2 wear slots
of the same wear type, and an extra "or" ( || ) to check for both wear
slots being open in act.item.c perform_wear().

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