[AD] Coder looking for work on a circle based mud.

From: Nick Shaffner (nicks@3drealms.com)
Date: 09/05/01

I hate to spam the list with this sort of stuff, but I'm getting a bit
desperate :^)

Once again the time has come for me to seek coding work to fufill that inner
urge that compels me, and protects my sanity.

I'm a professional programmer (of over 10 years) and have quite a bit of
experience coding in C/C++/Java as well as coding on Muds. I'm very much
hoping to be able to code on a mud that already has an established
playerbase. (By already established, I mean around 5 people on at any given
time, and I'd be happy)

You see, I love players - they are the main reason I love to code for muds.
I've coded on several pre-beta muds before, but 99% of these seem to fall
apart (unsuprisingly) without ever getting to the stage of having a
playerbase. This is why my primary requirement for working on a mud be that
it has at least -something- of an active playerbase.

Please contact me by email or ICQ,

ICQ: 2010698

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