[code] parse error with guilds

From: Brian Jenkins (brianjenkins@att.net)
Date: 09/06/01

I tried to install the guild patch by Yohay Etsion.
I think i did everything right i followed the handpatching
doc to the letter. Well anyway i seem to be having
difficulties any help would be much apprieciated

this is the error message I get:

act.informative.c:48: parse error before 'char'
make[1] *** [act.infomative.o] error 1

And this is the snippet of code:

    /* extern functions */
    long find_class_bitvector(char arg);
    int level_exp(int chclass, int level);
    char *title_male(int chclass, int level);
    char *title_female(int chclass, int level);
48: char *get_title(struct char data *ch);
    struct time_info_data *real_time_passed(time_t t2, time_t t1);
    int compute_armor_class(struct char_data *ch);

line 48 is marked so you can tell but I first put this line
at the end of section an it gave me the error for that line.
i moved the line and the error moved too. Becouse of this I
would be led to believe that the error is in the line as
opposed to before it as the message said. this is the only
line that i added to this section (48 that is). I have a
pretty much stock circlemud 3.0 bpl 19. I am new to C so if
this is a blaringly obvious answer please dont be too harsh.

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