score cmd not working right

From: nwhite (
Date: 09/07/01

hiyas, i must be blind since i cant see the problem.. Drakona
when i type 'score' all i get is:
You have been playing for 0 days and 20 hours.
You are standing.

but here's the code:

  struct time_info_data playing_time;

  sprintf(buf, "*                *\r\n");
  sprintf(buf + strlen(buf), "*   %s %s (%d)        %s *\r\n",
                GET_NAME(ch), GET_TITLE(ch), GET_LEVEL(ch), RACE_ABBR(ch));
  sprintf(buf, "*                *\r\n");
  sprintf(buf, "*   Exp: %d           *\r\n", GET_EXP(ch));
  sprintf(buf, "*               *\r\n");
  sprintf(buf, "*  Gold: %d         Align: %d *\r\n",
      GET_GOLD(ch), GET_ALIGNMENT(ch));
  sprintf(buf, "*               *\r\n");
  sprintf(buf + strlen(buf), "*   HP: %d/%d              SP: %d/%d *\r\n",
    GET_HIT(ch), GET_MAX_HIT(ch), GET_MANA(ch), GET_MAX_MANA(ch));
  sprintf(buf, "*               *\r\n");
  sprintf(buf + strlen(buf), "* MP: %d/%d         AC: %d/10  *\r\n",
      GET_MOVE(ch), GET_MAX_MOVE(ch), compute_armor_class(ch));
  sprintf(buf, "*               *\r\n");

  playing_time = *real_time_passed((time(0) - ch->player.time.logon) +
      ch->player.time.played, 0);
  sprintf(buf + strlen(buf), "You have been playing for %d day%s and %d
hour%s.\r\n",, == 1 ? "" : "s",
     playing_time.hours, playing_time.hours == 1 ? "" : "s");

  switch (GET_POS(ch)) {
  case POS_DEAD:
    strcat(buf, "You are DEAD!\r\n");
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