Re: [NEWBIE] Updating code

From: NeoStar (
Date: 09/08/01

> I'm guessing you've changed your code in ways that you're not aware of.
> Perhaps you are using an ASCII pfile snippet which changes the way
> characters are loaded?  If it's not that, ensure you're #include'ing db.h
> from within act.informative.c.

Yes, I do have ASCII pfiles, but I thought the patch for it took care of
all that kind of stuff

> written example of it, anyway.  A bit of reordering is in order:
>   if (load_char(argument, &tmp_store) > -1) {
>     CREATE(victim, struct char_data, 1);
>     clear_char(victim);
>     store_to_char(&tmp_store, victim);

Why reorder it? The char has to be created before it can be used for

> BTW, this is why some wise person the other day suggested that one only
> apply patches that one understands and can write oneself.  If you don't
> understand how they interact, you rapidly cut-and-paste yourself into a

Might I remind you that, in accordance with list rules, I added a flag to
the subject of my email, indicating it was a NEWBIE topic. You shouldn't
expect a lot.


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