Re: [CODE] who cmd

From: Itay Chumash (
Date: 09/09/01

This is what i did to seperate Imms and mortals:
in act.informative.c, ACMD(do_who), add:

char count=0;

where it says: send_to_char("Players\r\n-------\r\n", ch);
replace with:

for (count=0; count<2; count++)
    if (count) send_to_char("\nPlayers\r\n--------\r\n", ch);
   else send_to_char("Immortals\r\n----------\r\n", ch);

if (d->original)
      tch = d->original;
    else if (!(tch = d->character))

if ((count && (GET_LEVEL(tch) < LVL_IMMORT)) ||
(!count && (GET_LEVEL(tch)>= LVL_IMMORT)) )

now just end it in the right spot (it is different in some versions)
in my mud (circle 3.0 bpl17) i ended both the loop and the
if statement just before the line:

if (short_list && (num_can_see % 4))

hope it will work for you too.


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