Re: Zones

From: Terry Valladon (
Date: 09/10/01

>I removed castle.c from the mud as well.
I did not remove mine because there are some neat things in there. I love
the 2 mobs that kill each other =:)

>Jz`1ust wondering what I might have missed ... I removed puff as well,
seems like
>from looking at SPECIAL(puff) that he just 'says' stuff?
That is true, however keep in mind that it helps maintain a connection
to the server. for any information that is sent FROM the mud an ACK must
be sent back from the client. this is enough to keep the connection alive.

Take a level 1 player and move them to room 1 and remove loading of puff
the zone list. then leave the computer alone. you will see that very soon
player will be disconnected. if not just from the mud then from the ISP

Then load puff with the spec_proc attached and move a player to the room.
the player should remain connected for a long long time.

At least this is what I came up with. I could be wrong, if I am I am sure
I will get flamed from it. I ran a telnet BBS for a long time and when
stepped away from the computer they would DC after a few min. (from the net)
however if we sent text to them every 60 seconds they would stay connected.


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