Re: [CODE][BUG] Exploitable bug in do_flee/do_simple_move

From: Ronald Fenner Jr (
Date: 09/11/01

on 9/11/01 4:21 PM, Mike Breuer at mbreuer@NEW.RR.COM wrote:

> Hi all:
> I discovered this bug last night, and thought I'd send it in.  The only
> way I've found to exploit it is if you have a spec_proc in your MUD that
> handles normal movement commands (north, east, south, etc).  For
> details, read on:
> I recently implemented a spec_proc for a "quest_stone" which glows when
> you are in a certain type of room.  To cause the glow, the proc handles
> normal movement commands and then sets the ITEM_GLOW property based on
> the stone's (or char's, if carried) current room.
if your saying that your spec_proc does the actual movement I would suggest
that instead maybe you rethink your implementation of the system. for
instance allow do_simple_move to handle all the movement for you and after
it's moved the player check the room they are in and set the bit for the
item if it's in their inventory. a spec_proc probably is not the best way to
do what you want to  do.

Ron Fenner

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