Re: [CODE][BUG] Exploitable bug in do_flee/do_simple_move

From: Mysidia (
Date: 09/11/01

   do_simple_move returns one if the call itself succeeded -- that is,
do_simple_move's procedure ran completely and the character moved
in the direction: whether the player actually moved or not is
irrelevent, do_simple_move returns its own success or failure to

If a spec proc overrided the move by doing its own thing and returning
'1', then the call definitely failed because it was blocked intentionally
by a spec proc (ie: a guild guard).

do_simple_move is not responsible for the activities of special procedures
it calls... that is:

the return value regards do_simple_move, not its children.

Move procs are particularly for things like guildguards -- that is,
to block movement, not to cause it.

> Since do_simple_move is making calls to spec_procs, it needs to handle the
> case where the proc causes the players to change rooms.  I cannot do it
> using return values without significant redesign.  Spec_procs return nonzero
> if a command was handled, 0 otherwise.  This does not indicate whether the
> player moved, only that the command was handled.  A case in point would be
> the guild guards which conditionally disallow movement in a particular
> direction.  A return value of nonzero in that case indicates that the player
> did NOT move.

No.. a spec proc returns 'TRUE' to override or block the normal action..
a spec proc returns 'FALSE' to allow the movement and normal
activity to continue - whether an action was 'handled' is irrelevent.

It is unnecessary and excessive for a proc to implement the move
themselves -- it's almost like the object picked up the player and
dropped them in the target room, sure they won't be penalized for
fleeing, because if the proc is returning 1 then it is choosing to
override the normal behavior.


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