[Newbie][Question] RL_SEC and pulses

From: Dust (dustlos@hotmail.com)
Date: 09/12/01

I've made combat a wee bit less linear by using a modified event
handler (event.c, etc). So right now, all the damage isn't done every
2 seconds, however, combat still runs at 2 seconds between pulses, I'm
aiming for 1/2 a second by am hit by my limited C knowledge in dealing
with a couple things..

#define OPT_USEC        100000  /* 10 passes per second */
#define PASSES_PER_SEC  (1000000 / OPT_USEC)
#define RL_SEC          * PASSES_PER_SEC

What exactly does  --> * PASSES_PER_SEC <--   do? And how can I make a
pulse for 1/2 a second, I get invalid unary * or other errors when
trying to make 0.5 second pulses.
Thanks for any advice.

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