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From: Mike Breuer (
Date: 09/16/01

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From: "Michelle" <micheknows@EARTHLINK.NET>

> Hello, I have just started working with the circle mud code.  I was
> wondering ...when I create an object.  Is there a way to make the object
> disappear ...preferably after it is used....or , if nothing else, at least
> disappear when the playe r logs out?

Can you be more specific about what you are trying to accomplish?  Potions
and scrolls disappear after a single use, and food disappears when you eat
it.  There are snippets on the ftp site that allow you to have your weapons
and armor wear out.  If you want players to lose all of their equipment when
they log off, turn off free rent, and remove the receptionists/cryogenicists
from the game.


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