Re: Quick colour question -

From: Ben Merton (
Date: 09/17/01

Adding sysdep.h solved that problem thanks guys!! :)

Sorry to keep bugging you but ive been puzzling over this one all day long..

Installed the autoansi contrib to see what its like (id always had the "do
you want ansi (y/n)" coming up at the start..) though ive run into a few
problems with it:

When i log in with linux telnet (which supports colour) it:
a) says it cant detect ansi
b) puts some sort of characters in the memory, when you type in your
character name it says that character doesnt exist - until you type it in

It compiled without errors or warning btw..

also - if it detects ansi (when im using zmud) it turns colour off anyway -
even if the character has colour automatic, colour complete.. whatever set..

any help would be deeply appreciated!! :)

Thanks again for your help so far!!


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