Dual Wield..

From: Mielikki (mielikki@exilemud.com)
Date: 09/25/01

First thank you for helping me fix that problem with multi-hit..it works
great now. Second, I decided to try to add the dwield code in. While it
seems to work fine it was not what I was hoping for. In light of that I
went searching and found what appears to be what I need in the archives.
The only problem is that it still requires the dwield bit to be on an
item for it to be wielded in the secondary position. Is there any way
around this? I would like for any weapon that is set 'wield' to be
wearable in both/either position but I am not good enough to figure this
out on my own just yet. Anyone have a fix for this?


p.s. The fix I referenced above is in the message "My update to DWIELD"
in the archives and was posted by Mechanical Animal.

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