Race/Class code

From: Ben Merton (ben@adventec.com.au)
Date: 09/25/01

Hey all! :)

Currently using bpl19, olc2.0.1bpl18, ascii pfiles 2.1 and ive been working
my way through the raceclass2.txt snippet off the ftp.

I've got it to the stage where it will compile without any warnings or
errors but it will change the stats a player rolls when it comes time to
save the character. Heres a few syslogs i put in to show whats happening
when you create a new character:

Rolled values:
[ (TeyLog Ln2403 - db.c): Blah with stats: Str: [15/0] Dex: [10] Con: [12]
Int: [12] Wis: [7] Cha: [12] ]

Just after the MOTD
[ (TeyLog Ln2477 - db.c): Blah with stats: Str: [25/100] Dex: [25] Con:
[25] Int: [25] Wis: [25] Cha: [25] ]

And then when the character enters the game and is advanced to lvl 1 it
changes the stats yet again...

I've narrowed it down to what i believe to be causing the problem...

Line 2416 db.c: ch->aff_abils = ch->real_abils

It seems that the real abilities scores are being placed over the top of
the affected abilities scores. So I experimented, unsuccessfully, with
reversing the procedure in interpreter.c just before it makes the call to
save the character. Unfortunately interpreter.c is not setup in its
declarations to work with data as specific as the objects aff_abils or

At this stage i'm pulling out most of my hair, trying to protect the last
few strands by calling on you guys.. I really have no idea how I can fix
this but any help you can provide me (and my hair) would be greatly

Thanks all!! :)


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