Re: [Circle][World] Removal Of Zones

From: Ben Merton (
Date: 09/27/01

You need to make sure you've removed the .zon files from the index file and
the file (if they are listed there..

Also zone 0 contains limbo - so as a rule I generally dont remove that
zone, not sure if its hard coded anywhere though.

For continuity I'd remove all the unused .obj, .shp .wld and .mob files in
the lib/world/ directory - and make sure you remove them from their
consecutive index and files..

If your running circle30bpl19 then make sure the .zon files have a starting
zone number and a finishing zone number, this will cause the mud to crash
on boot if it just has an ending zone number..

In src/ you will find spec_assign.c - a lot of the stock zones are
hardcoded in here - just remove the mobs that your no longer using - (might
want to remark them out till you've got everything up and running)

Need anymore help just email me! :)

Have fun!

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