Re: dg scripts (was: Ceramic Mouse Gone byebye?)

From: flawed (
Date: 09/28/01

On Fri, 28 Sep 2001, Mielikki wrote:

>  Thank you, Welcor, this would be greatly appreciated. I downloaded that
> version (Circle30bpl19dgolc) from the ftp and got it to work..after a
> bit, but now I am getting errors while trying to add races. Specifically
> undefined reference errors in the act files. I would post them but it
> kind of spammed by so I think it might be a bit much to post. If anyone
> is willing and/or able to help me decide what file the errors are
> originating from (I have double and triple checked my handpatching and
> can find no errors on my part) I would appreciate it and would be
> willing to capture the errors and send them to them privately so as not
> to spam the list.

Make sure that pc_race_types is in dg_scripts.c
Looks like this:

extern const char *pc_race_types[];

Copy and paste the rest of the errors, and we should be able to five you
more help.

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