Re: Segmentation error in oedit parse(after implementation of races)

From: Mielikki (
Date: 09/29/01

My guess is, that you haven't initialised the descriptors'
> 'olc' pointer to point to an olc structure (usually happens in
> look for the error complaining that one was already present).

Hmm what if there was no such error?

>   4. Find your backup files (you _did_ make a backup, right ?). Make
>      they work as intended. Then reapply the race patch, by hand.

Groan I was afraid you were gonna say that. I did it by hand the first
time as well but I will try it again. If it doesn't work this time I
promise I will give up on it and quit spamming the list with
questions.:) And yup I learned the hard way about making backup copies.
Nothing like getting through something and realizing it doesn't work and
having to start _all_ over again.


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