Re: Help with Practice Sessions

From: Cris Jacobin (
Date: 10/03/01

On Tuesday, October 2, 2001, at 05:54 PM, Mielikki wrote:
> Basically, when you reach a level where you attain new skills/spells you
> go to your guild and may practice them to the fullest extent (which in
> actuality is only about 30-60% and the rest must be practiced 'in the
> field' at which point you receive a message telling you that you learned
> something new in that skill area).

Check the site for CrodoMud Proficiencies.

It's behavior is quite similar to what you stated.  It's only set up
stock as
a weapon proficiency system, however support is already there for the
expansion into spells/skills/inate or what have you.  Just need to add
the necessary game hooks.

You essentially can practice up until 80%, but need to learn in the field
to progress further.

It's a linked list that's saved to disk, so no pwipes either.  Goes in


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