Re: Was: Rare Bug Now: Dumping Cores

From: Caniffe (
Date: 10/08/01


> I know that the MUD can dump core files, but mine does not, perhaps I could

Typically, the main reason for a Linux/Unix system not dumping core is
that they have no limit set for the ulimit function.  But then again, a
lot of things under Linux aren't fully "optimised" in order to save you
grief - just look at hdparm :)

Anyhow, if you type "ulimit -a" you'll get maybe something like:
core file size (blocks)     0

So, if you want it to dump core, that zero needs to change.  So issue
"ulimit -c unlimited", which'll result in:
core file size (blocks)     unlimited

and all should be good.  Force a crash by freeing a null or some funky
thing like that, and you should have some core goodness.


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