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Date: 10/15/01

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> I've been trying to make charisma do things beyond limit the number of
> charmed followers you can have...

How about having "split" give the odd coin(s) to the group member with
the highest charisma rather than automatically keeping it in the hands
of the splitter.

Also, just my 2 cents...I would hesitate to include charisma in any kind
of mob reactions (shopkeepers aside), since an ogre's notion of charisma
probably differs from a human's.  I would leave it up to individual
implementers rather than try to determine a reasonable "stock" behavior.

That said, there are still some SPECIALs that might include charisma
modifiers of some kind.  Potentially...guildmasters, guild guards, city
guards, receptionists, etc.  For example, a guild guard might "politely
obstruct" the passage of a highly charismatic pc, rather than
"humiliate" him/her.


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