[BUG] Percentage loading

From: Jonathan Syu (jonsyu@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 10/16/01

I have recently encountered a small problem with percentage loading.
Hopefully it's just my MUD that this is a problem for, but for some
reason, all 'G' commands are not saved correctly. The percent chance
of equipping a mob, loading a mob, loading an object to a room (etc.) all
work quite well. It's just when I attempt to change the chance of GIVING a
mob an object does it not work. The percent chance of not loading is alway
0% (always loads). Has anyone specifically encountered this? It's quite
strange, I went and downloaded Del's bundle to check it up, and it doesn't
seem to work on there either. I checked the zone file, and what happened
is that the chance is even saved, but when in zedit, it doesn't display
correctly and doesn't load correctly either. Is it suppose to be this way?
(**probably missing something quite obvious**).

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