[LICENSE] Open Gaming License and the d20 system

From: Artovil (artovil@arcanerealms.org)
Date: 10/21/01

I have been looking at various other game mechanics engines, such as d20
and others.  I read the FAQ and other aspects of the d20 license, and there
was a note there about putting d20 open gaming content inside a computer
program.  Here is the Q/A from Wizards of The Coast's website for d20:


Q: I want to distribute computer software using the OGL. Is that possible?

A: Yes, it's certainly possible. The most significant thing that will
impact your effort is that you have to give all the recipients the right to
extract and use any Open Game Content you've included in your application,
and you have to clearly identify what part of the software is Open Game

There are two obvious ways of doing so. The first is to distribute the
source code that contains Open Game Content in a human-readable format. The
second is to design your application so that all the Open Game Content sits
in human-readable data files that are read and processed by your
application at runtime.

The Open Gaming License has not evolved a good strategy for handling the
distribution of computer game software or applications designed to combine
proprietary game software with Open Game Content. At this time, if you
choose not to distribute the source of your application using a license
that meets the Open Source Definition, you are probably not going to be
able to use the Open Game License either.

You should be especially aware of the potential of rendering your entire
program a derivative work of Open Game Content, which might require you to
release the whole source for your program under the terms of the OGL. If
you are using materials that you don't have the authority to contribute as
Open Game Content (like third-party libraries), you may not be able to
distribute your work at all. You should consult your legal counsel before
proceeding if you have any concerns about your ability to comply with the OGL.


How would this go together with the CircleMUD/Diku licenses?  Could I use
the d20 system if I simply had snippets of the mechanic aspects added on
our homepage?  Would that be sufficient?  I am going to ask WOTC as well,
since they own the d20 concept and trademark.  I just wanted the CircleMUD
community's opinion on this, and since IANAL I might need some help here
before I violate every license know to man. ;)

How would this work?  Please, I value your input, and would like some
advice on these matters.  I have already been through this with MySQL, and
that worked out just fine.

Kind regards,

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