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From: George Greer (
Date: 10/26/01

On Fri, 26 Oct 2001, Caniffe wrote:

>> Kind of forgot about it.  Must've flushed all OLC-related projects from my
>> mind when I gave up OasisOLC (finally).
>The day the local laughter died. :(  (Re: Simpsons)  Who's doing Oasis

No idea. Don't know if anybody even is.  Feel free. Have fun.  Just
remember to put my little "farewell" document under some other place so it
doesn't look current for whomever the new maintainer is.  We don't want to
confuse people.

>In saying all of that though, I didn't mean to forget OBuild.  I was
>conceptualising on an OLC system to include, and first thought was Oasis.
>NoteOLC or some OLC related package I believe could strengthen Circle.

The other neat idea (for zones anyway) was to "snapshot" the current rooms
and build the zone loading commands from that.  Doesn't work too well for
R(emove) commands though.

My idea would be for:

  OasisOLC      for the interactive menus
  OBuild        for the single-line changing capability
  NoteOLC       for when you need/want to write an entry from scratch
                (could also do editing of entries with improved editor)

NoteOLC wants a better parser to work properly because you don't want to
commit bad entries to the files. The current parser would either need to be
modularized to run on arbitrary strings even after startup or simply
replaced with a lex/yacc parser.  The upshot to NoteOLC would be that you
could take advantage of features that weren't programmed into OLC yet.

>Going strong since '94 sure, but I know there's bounds of people dying to
>rip into the codebase and C++-ise it (or some other mainstream
>developing) and they probably won't do it until the development of Circle
>3.0 winds down.

If people want to C++ it, there isn't all that much fundamental going to
change.  Even with all the coolness that is lex and yacc, I don't think
you'll see that as the standard parser for a long time, if ever.  Don't
know of a really good, active C++-from-the-start MUD though. Probably from
lack of looking.

>Wouldn't that be the day of celebration though. the data it moves out of
>beta. :)

Hm, must schedule a 3.1 party.  Mozilla does it, why not? :)

Maybe I won't even have to go anywhere...

George Greer

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