Re: [NEWBIE] bpl19 with OLC DG script and ??

From: MrFONZY (
Date: 10/27/01

> Makes me wonder if the bar for a basic MUD has been raised beyond what we
> provide...
> Anyway, try:
> George Greer

Oh not at ALL George! I have been reading through the archives starting back
around Jan '00 (about where I stopped reading the last time I tried this a few
years ago) just to learn as much as I can from what others have asked about and
I see a trend of new admins having repeat problems with installing the 'just
getting started' patches like OLC and DG scripts. (I.E. they just don't seem to
patch cleanly for alot of people) Now me personally, I'd like it to be done
already to avoid these headaches in getting started, but I definitely like the
open ended aproach that you are using by keeping options open for those who
would rather use something else (or make thier own), so defintely keep the
'release system' as is! And keep up the great work guys! :)

Thanx a ton for the help, (and all the free advice)

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