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From: Ben Merton (
Date: 11/07/01

>No.  They would have to send it to you and there's no way to force them to
>do that.  I don't really understand why displaying this type of
>information would be beneficial.  I have clocks all around me when I'm
>sitting down at the computer and most users will have a clock displayed on
>their screen already.  Information overload is dangerous.

My reasons for having it were for the admin meetings and for online logging
so we can have timestamped logs (kind of like you do in mIRC) - Pulling it
from another persons machine isnt really nessassary though, it was just a
point of interest for me personally..

The amount of detail i would want is just hour:minute - people dont usually
record the seconds for meetings :P

I just wanted on my mud for all the players to get together to voice their
ideas on the way they would like the mud to "evolve" as such.. to try to
create one that is as fun to play as possible, and id like to post the logs
of all those meetings up on the net.. so to have them timestamped would be
useful if you were referencing someone to some part of the meeting (you
know how they usually go for hours at a time :P )

Thanks for your help!!


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