Sigh.. Still Problems

From: Ramsey Stone (
Date: 11/10/01

Ok, I eliminated all the bugs I can see in
PJ's code. The compiler turns now warnings
or errors in now. So when I use the command,
the mud crashes. To see if it has something
to do with the checks, I commented them out.
Its not the checks. I did the same to the
strcmp block of the code, and it isnt that either.
Finally, I did it to the end block, and still a
crash. This has led me to believe that something
is wrong in the variable defines. The section believed
to be causing the crash is what follows:

struct char_data *victim;
char *name = NULL, *position = NULL;
char logger[MAX_STRING_LENGTH];

two_arguments(argument, name, position);

I have yet to discover anything wrong with the code,
and was hoping someone else would.

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