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Date: 11/10/01

Sent this a few days ago, but it was rejected.

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Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 03:23:13 +1100 (EST)
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Ben skribis:

> I just wanted on my mud for all the players to get together to voice their
> ideas on the way they would like the mud to "evolve" as such.. to try to
> create one that is as fun to play as possible, and id like to post the logs
> of all those meetings up on the net.. so to have them timestamped would be
> useful if you were referencing someone to some part of the meeting (you
> know how they usually go for hours at a time :P )
> Thanks for your help!!

On a mud I once worked on, we had a meeting room where everything was logged
to a file on the server. We hard-coded it into do_say, do_echo, etc, with
commands for manipualting it, and it's beyond my remembering it all for a
bit of mailer code. But here's a special that might help you (logs all
'say's with timestamp):

SPECIAL(saylog) {
  FILE *fl;
  char filename[20];
  time_t tt = time(0);

  if (!CMD_IS("say"))
    return (FALSE);

  sprintf(filename, "../log/saylog.%d", GET_ROOM_VNUM(IN_ROOM(ch)));
  if (!fl = fopen(filename, "a")) {
    mudlog("Could not append to file in 'saylog' spec proc", NRM, LVL_IMMORT, TRUE);
    return (FALSE);

  fprintf(fl, "[%0d:%0d] %s: %s\n", tt.tm_hour, tt.tm_min, GET_NAME(ch), argument);

  return (TRUE);

Attach that proc to something in a room, or the room itself. You can write a
script to periodically move these logs to your website.

No guarantees, of course. Don't come running to me if it formats your hard
drive. :)


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