Re: [MYSQL] Crash in parse_object after reading triggers for mobs

From: Henrik Stuart (
Date: 11/13/01


> Try adding '-lefence' to LIBS in Makefile as well.  Then run CircleMUD
> again.  With luck, it'll crash where the problem is instead of the
> symptom.  If that doesn't work, try:

>   EF_PROTECT_BELOW=1 bin/circle -c

   Two other, quite more expensive ways, is by using either Numega
   Boundschecker or Rational Purify, which are both commercial
   programs for Windows.  Personally, I prefer using Numega's
   Boundschecker for both memory validation, stack validation, heap
   validation, api call validation and array bounds access validation
   (to name a few of its' functions). It's both well-written and
   integrates seamlessly into Visual C++.  It not only makes
   programming in C++ less of a fuss it helps you pinpoint where the
   actual corruption takes place too.

   Now, electric fence is ok if you do not have the money, of course.
   Or are an avid speaker against Microsoft and anything that even
   might consider to run on their operating system.

   Anyway, for you people looking for something slightly more advanced
   to help deal with your bugs. :o)

Yours truly,
 Henrik Stuart (

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