Re: [CODING][WIN32] Cant Read World files in Windows

From: Christian Duvall (
Date: 11/15/01

Windows can't rename as linux does, so if you update a
file with Oasis, it is created as and not
renamed to #.wld, etc. If you make a rename function
that looks like -->

int reName( const char * pszOld, const char * pszNew )
 remove( pszNew )
 return rename( pszOld, pszNew );

Then it will be able to rename no problem. This might
not be your problem, but I have been developing MUDs
in Win32 for a while and that was one of the first
things I noticed.

Okay, I moved my src to windows (long explanation, but
there is a
After getting assorted things fixed, and working, I
have the following
problem atm. I opened up the world files
(.obj,.trg,zon,etc). The ones
were there before are in linux format, and are loaded
fine, but
create, is in Win32 format, and is just skipped when
loading (no errors
loading, just not loaded into mud). Again, the world
files are created,
it looks fine, Im sure its an error with
Linux->Win32...Any Suggestions

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