[NEWBIE] do_advance function

From: Cyberlord (cyberlord@cyber-wizard.com)
Date: 11/16/01

> When you hit your breakpoint use F10 and F11.
> F10 will skip over all of the code calls and step on
> to the next call, while F11 will go into the code.
> Just use them at your own discretion. If you want to
> see what the code is doing, F11 into it, if you know
> or don't want to see it, just F10.

Oh, so easy! I thought that command stepped over the line and didn't execute
it. That helps me out sooooo much. :)

OK, here is my question now that I can see what the code is doing.

In the do_advance function when a player is demoted any level, he
automatically starts over. Why? If I only want to lower a cleric by one
level I don't want them to stop following their deity and loose all thier

Was there a reason behind this being written this way that I am not seeing?



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