Re: [SYSTEM-NT2K/CYGWIN][NEWBIE] circle30bpl19-OasisOLCv2.0.1

From: Henrik Stuart (
Date: 11/17/01


On Saturday, November 17, 2001 7:20:05 AM you wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Im running NT2K with standard circle30bpl19 under cygwin with no
> problems - ive also compiled > > this under windows without a problem.
>> I can compile circle30bpl19-OasisOLCv2.0.1 under windows and it works fine
>> I can't get it to work under cygwin,
>> can anyone helP

   First off cygwin runs under Windows, so technically you are
   compiling under windows in both instances. :o)

   Anyway, take a look at some of the undefined references you get:

>>/circle/src/interpreter.c:1293: undefined reference to `oedit_parse'

   Now would be a good idea to figure out what file this one is in
   (probably oedit.c) and make sure you have added it to the Makefile
   as is needed.

   Looking at your compile output I'll wager you are missing some
   files from your Makefile and just need to add them.

   The reason you can compile fine in Visual C++ is, probably, that
   you have just added all the .c-files to your project and told it to
   compile. Thus, you do not have any missing .o-files (or .obj in
   case of Visual C++).

   Hope that helps.

Yours truly,
  Henrik Stuart (

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