VERY Annoying Warnings

From: Ramsey Stone (
Date: 11/17/01

I just added 200 levels to my mud. So I went
into structs.h and changed all the defines. They
now look like this:
#define LVL_IMPL        208
#define LVL_RULER       208
#define LVL_GRGOD       207
#define LVL_SUPERVISOR  207
#define LVL_ASSISTANT   206
#define LVL_EDITOR      205
#define LVL_ADVBUILD    204
#define LVL_ADVANCED    204
#define LVL_GOD         203
#define LVL_JRBUILD     202
#define LVL_JUNIOR      202
#define LVL_IMMORT      201
#define LVL_IMMORTAL    201

I have doubles because im used to either
of the two and sometimes I pick either one.

When I compiled, there was warnings galore.
Its always either one of the following warnings:
act.wizard.c:2497: warning: comparison is always true due to limited range
of data type
act.wizard.c:2608: warning: comparison is always false due to limited range
of data type

Any Ideas?

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