From: Artovil (
Date: 11/19/01

At 17:07 2001-11-19 -0500, you wrote:
>WARNING: This is __NEWBIE__ ....
>Anyway... is there away to make values go above a standard int/unsigned
>long.... like if you are going to have 1000 lvls and exp is go to go
>__REalLLY__ high..... I heard of floats but they couldn't go positive.
>Dragonball Z Dimension

Can you believe this guy?  To me this seems like a trolling attempt, but I
will play nice.

Number one, 1000 levels is a design issue, totally retarded.  The user will
tire after the first 100 levels.  floats can be both negative and
positive.  And, Vegeta, you need a general C list, try the news group
comp.lang.c, you can find that on any news server.


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