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From: Michael Gesner (dabion@WPI.EDU)
Date: 11/19/01

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> Okay i think i have an answer to your problem, if you want a number that is
> greater than an int/long would go, you might make an array of 1 digit
> integers, and then add functions or whatever to display this number and
> manipulate it. I'm not quite so sure how you could use this to manipulate
> any other data though, but it's just an idea.

Take this a step further...

set up the array as follows:


int powerval[4];

powerval[0] --> 1's
powerval[1] --> 10's
powerval[2] --> 100's
powerval[3] --> 1000's

so on and so forth

or... you can set it up so that powerval consists of more than 1 digit
ints, make it so that each array value is summed together (meaning each
goes to MAX_INT)

there are many approaches to the problem.

One to strongly consider, is if its important to have these power values
hit the trillions.  If there are simply tiers, then why go to trillions.
You can show the player numbers in the trillions without having those
numbers exist in the system.

Its a kludge... but it will save you a huge headache in the future when
you try to have your powervals do more than simply display to the screen.

Michael Gesner
Lodaren of Rhu-Dina'ar 7777

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