Re: [BUG][Code] crashing every 6 hours

From: Mysidia (
Date: 11/19/01

> Yeah, I did that yesterday and it worked, and for the life of me, I
> couldnt not tell the difference. Reading the macro, it seems to be the
> same as above
> ie. #define GET_RACE(ch)  (IS_MOB(ch) ? ch->mob_specials.race :
> ch->player_specials->saved.race)
> and GET_RACE = value
> would express it exactly as your if/else statements. I was trying to
> work out the difference because when you read it out loud, it sounds the
> same heheheheh

ANSI C forbids use of a ternary expression as an lvalue.

So no, it's not quite the same.


ch ought to be in parenthesis in that macro.. otherwise, imagine if
someone did something like

foo(struct char_data *asdf)
      int q = GET_RACE(asdf + 1);

Ok, so it's not a very good example, heh


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