From: David Cole (
Date: 11/20/01

Hello there again, its been a long while sense I've posted to the list,
probably too long. Well its that time again for me to look at the code I
have sitting here and ponder the possibilities. After many months of
development we are slowly becoming whole and ready to start ptesting, but we
are minissing one major thing. 100 based stats. I put the subject about as
RE: cause I know the subject has been discussed before, but with all the
searches I returned from the archive and mass reading of documentations,
honestly, I don't see where to start.

Do I need to just change the formulas for wis_apply_types wis_app.. in
constant.c? Or is there some magical way of going about this that I cannot
see, I've looked through fight.c which was posted in a previous email,
saying that most the stats showed up there. That was wrong.

Well here's my idea of what I'm going to do and see if its wrong, or even
works. I intend to:

1. Change the formulas in constant.c for all the stats, EG: {1, 1, 1} all
the way to 100, will this be a conflict considering that some start with
negative values?

2. Scower the code for places that restrict PC stats higher then 18 and
change it to 100.

This is all I can figure to do, then redo roll_real_abilities to roll say
something with 100 that fair like, 13d6*4 this is just a number, not
actually what I intend to use.

Well wouldn't mind some advice if anyone cares to spare the time, BTW: I'm
using 3.0bpl17 with ASCII pfiles, hedit, and all kinds of other nifty stuff.

David Cole

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