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From: Mike Breuer (
Date: 11/21/01

Ouch!  Very ugly quoting....please see the FAQ at the bottom of this
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From: "Grimau Lysik'an" <grimau_lysikan@HOTMAIL.COM>
> I wouldn't think of demoting as "rolling back the clock", unless that is
> what the original poster meant (I've forgotten the original details).
> I've implemented it as:
>   lose ability to use any skills not within the new level
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This still leaves open the potential for abuse.  For example, assume I get
skill1 at level 1, skill2 at level 2, etc.  I am level 5, and I work my way
up to 10.  At each level from 6-10, I use all my practices on skills 1-5.
Then I am demoted back to 5.  Now, I am way better at skills 1-5 than I
should be.  I suppose this could be handled by randomly reducing the
player's remaining skills, but some accounting would be needed for players
who have practiced skills 6-10.  Only if you want to be fair, I suppose.


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