Re: Color Greetings and Other Text Files

From: Chi Hue (
Date: 11/25/01

> And if you want to add color NO MATTER what, look in your color.c, it
> defines CNRM etc... as \x1B[0;35m and such. this is the actual special
> character to initiate these colours, so if you want color that bad just
> a \x1B[0;25m or whatever corrosponds with the color you want wherever you
> want the color to start
I did this awhile back, but it just printed it as text?
(and It of course was ansi compliant). I was wondering, if it loads the
text, and throws it to the display (thru comm.c , etc) does it bypass server
side, and relies on client side to interpret the codes? (and if so, why
would this not work 'on' the client?) BTW: Im extremely tired, so I
applogize if I don't make too much sense, but this was a problem.

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