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From: Martijn Schoemaker (
Date: 11/26/01

"Micken !" wrote:

> Hey, i'm having problems saving the players last logon time to file, I had
> it writing a string to the file but that didn't work. I want to know what
> (with sprintf) corrosponds with time_t, like %s with string and %d with
> integer, what goes with time_t?

Time_t is a 32 bit integer (on most systems) and holds the number of seconds
passed since the Epoch (00:00:00 UTC, January 1, 1970). So the best
(but unreadable way) is to save it as integer.

If you want it in a readable format, use the strftime, asctime ot ctime
which  can convert to readable output, but then you need to convert it back
to time_t using mktime which all ik quite a hassle.

So I'd recommend just saving it as the integer it is.


Try : 4000

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