Battle prompt off when (FIGHTING(d->character, POS_MORTALLYW))

From: David Cole (
Date: 11/29/01

Hello list,
Trying to add a few things here to the prompt, mainly what i'm working on
atm is making the tank name and condition not show when the MOB/PC being
faught is mortally wounded. But i'm getting some errors in msvc++ 6.0, can
anyone help?

Here's what I'm doing, bit sloppy, anyone got a better meathod?

 if (FIGHTING(d->character)
        && GET_POS(FIGHTING(d->character, POS_MORTALLYW))) { /* WARRNING
C4002 */
 sprintf(prompt + strlen(prompt), "");
 } else {
    if (PRF_FLAGGED(d->character, PRF_TANKNAME) && FIGHTING(d->character)) {
 if (CAN_SEE(d->character, FIGHTING(d->character))) {
    sprintf(prompt + strlen(prompt), " T: %s ",
 } else
 sprintf(prompt + strlen(prompt), " T: Someone ");
then the condition stuff, bla bla bla

This is how it should look if the mob/player is morttally wounded.

< 100h/100H 100m/100M 100v/100V >
< E: Puff E: bleeding, close to death >

And heres the error:
C:\circle30bpl17\src\prompt.c(239) : warning C4002: too many actual
parameters for macro 'FIGHTING'

I've tryed GET_POS(FIGHTING(d->character) = POS_MORTALLYW) and it returns

C:\circle30bpl17\src\prompt.c(240) : warning C4047: '=' : 'struct char_data
*' differs in levels of indirection from 'const int '

Any help would be appreciated.


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